ATTENTION: The Historic Shaw Art Fair is not ONLY for art! For all you music lovers out there- a wide variety of talented, toe-tapping musical groups will be performing throughout both of the days at the fair. Multiple different genres of music will be featured, ensuring that there is something for everyone!

One of the bands that the Shaw Art Fair cannot wait to welcome to the stage is a rock group from Urbana Illinois by the name of The Jans Project. Jeff Evans, Nick Rudd, Steve Scariano, and Todd Fletcher- four passionate, driven musicians, compose this group. The band members go way back- all having known each other for thirty years or more. Because of their long history of friendship and music, The Jans Project rocks grooves together like nothing you will have ever seen before. Band member Todd Fletcher shares, “Sure, we’re all old now, in rock years — but young, really.” Filled with enthusiasm, this group will command the attention of the audience throughout their whole show.

The four men are thankful that they have had good fortune over the years, having received multitudes of support and keeeping in good health. Fletcher states, “And now we’re really giving all of this good fortune a chance to melt in our mouths. It tastes really good.”

To check out some of The Jans Project’s sounds, click here.

Don’t miss out on this talented, collaborative group at the Historic Shaw Art Fair on October 1st and 2nd. Welcome to the art fair, The Jans Project!

The Jans Project

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