Neighborhood Ownership Model

Shaw Bucket List Update

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

I wrote this bucket list last July and here’s the update! Italicized items were achieved, bolded items have yet to happen. Who wants to make these dreams a reality with me, particularly #18 or #29? Find me on NextDoor, let’s hang out! 1. Enjoy being able to get to Tower Grove Park without a car. 2. Check out the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market. Read More

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

For kind of the first time in my life, I have neighbors. And I like it. And sometimes, I can’t stop thinking about it. No, I didn’t grow up on a farm. But I did grow up slightly outside of town (Champaign, IL). And then I went to college, and had short-term temporary neighbors. And then I moved to St. Louis and lived in two different neighborhoods before Shaw. I loved them both, but knowing… Read More

Shaw Safety Workshop June 18th

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

Just a reminder that we’re hosting a workshop 10AM June 18th at The Word At Shaw.  To be clear, we’re recruiting volunteers to build a safety model patterned after Lafayette Square’s successful safety committee.  The city is so committed to this model, that Chief Dan Isom, of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has promised every neighborhood that adopts this model its own neighborhood liason officer.  Read more, in the attached flyer. Shaw Neighborhood… Read More