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Part of SNIA? Read below!

The SNIA Communications Committee Invites You To Share Your News!

Who: Anyone serving SNIA

What: Examples of things you might want us to share:

  • Completion of a new project
  • Announcement of any new initiatives (“We’re starting a ____ task force, please join us!” or “New summer camp program for Shaw youth, spread the word!”)
  • Call for volunteers or participation in a poll, event, etc.
  • Upcoming events or meetings
  • Anything fun, such as a photo from your last event or block party, a story of something you just learned about Shaw, or perhaps some history about the neighborhood

When: Anytime, but please give us 72+ hours notice to promote events or dates!

Where: We can put your information on the following as applicable:

  • on either a page of the site or as a blog post
  • on our events calendar
  • Facebook – SNIA (and Historic Shaw Art Fair as applicable)
  • e-newsletter

Why: We all know that Shaw is a vibrant, active community. We want to make sure that others know about our activities, but also show the entire region how much we have going on! Our communications can help you gain participation or attendance, but also showcase Shaw publicly as a great place to live, work and play.

How: Email with your news, including photos and a list of any relevant partners involved. Please also include as much info you can about the timeliness of your activity (if it’s around a specific date or a limited time). Questions welcome at the email address above or at any meeting! Please remember that we reserve the right to adjust the distribution of info as it makes sense with the calendar and/or mission of SNIA.