Shaw is an active community full of neighbors who stay involved in the life of the neighborhood. There are many ways to volunteer time and energy in shaping the life of the community; from single-day volunteer activities to longer term committee positions. Neighborhood meetings and active online community forums provide a place for conversations and a way for residents to stay informed about developments in the neighborhood.

If you’re a Shaw resident, consider joining the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA). Formed in 1958 and incorporated in 1975, SNIA serves the residents of the Shaw neighborhood by building community, organizing neighborhood events, providing information, facilitating discussion, and acting on solutions. Neighborhood meetings provide opportunities to personally interact with the Alderman, the Police, the Neighborhood Improvement Specialist, and SNIA Officers, as well as to meet and greet other residents of the community. The agenda topics address current issues that are relevant to the Shaw Neighborhood and St. Louis City. The neighborhood meetings are held bi-monthly at 7:00 p.m. beginning in February at Wild Olive (3901 Shaw Blvd).

Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association Membership

By joining SNIA, your donation goes directly to supporting the many programs and activities that SNIA members and committee chairs organize and work on to enhance the quality of life in Shaw. Aside from our superstar part-time officer manager, SNIA is completely volunteer-run. Some of the programs that your donation supports include:

  • the renowned Historic Shaw Art Fair, which is going on its 22nd year!
  • the Shaw Dog Park
  • beautification of Shaw, from restoration and maintenance of our green spaces to working with the City on streetscape improvements
  • engagement with the youth of our neighborhood through various events, such as holiday parades
  • support of small business ventures in Shaw
  • management of information related to the Shaw neighborhood, including linking interested buyers and renters with available properties, managing social media, and archiving of historic information
  • promoting events occurring in and around the neighborhood
  • review of new development relative to Shaw’s Historic Code
  • liaising with the police on safety issues