Because his father was in the army, artist Steve Nowatzki lived in a variety of geographical locations while growing up. When Steve was first introduced to printmaking, his medium of choice, he was living in Germany attending high school. However, his passion for printmaking really took off during his university years. “I became addicted to the possibilities of etching,” he shared. Ever since, the printmaker’s talents have grown and flourished, creating the driven and successful artist he is today.

Steve hopes to challenge and educate viewers through his work. He often achieves this by offering different viewpoints on various lifestyle choices- Often choices that pertain to the affects we have on the environment around us.  Following his own message, the artist himself adjusts his lifestyle in order to benefit the environment. Steve strives to minimize the resources that he uses in his craft and reuse materials when possible, causing the smallest amount of environmental impact possible. His passion for the environment and passion for printmaking go hand in hand, both complimenting and respecting the other.

Steve’s artistic career has brought him on many adventures, introduced him to many outdoor exhibitors, and caused him to form lasting friendships. For the majority of the past eight years the Historic Shaw Art Fair has had the pleasure of Steve’s attendance, and we happily welcome him back once again this fall. The moving prints of artist Steve Nowatzki will be on display on October 1st and 2nd at the fair for all to see- We cannot wait to have you back, Steve!


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  1. William McGill August 15, 2023 at 11:55 am - Reply

    I met Steve at a festival some years back…never forgot him for his work: Impressive, heartfelt and incisive.

    Purchased two of his works, which continue to emphasize in my mind, the heavy issues we are all facing and mostly the fate of those other beings with whom we share this global home.

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