The 2016 Historic Shaw Art Fair welcomes back award winning photographer and mixed media artist, Ronnie Phillips! A Los Angeles native, Phillips is recognized nationwide for his moving work, which has received over 100 awards and 10 “Best of Show” awards. Photographs of his have been featured in multiple well-received magazines such as Essence, TV Guide, and Ebony. His work has also struck the fancy of many celebrities, going home with clients such as Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, Sheryl Crowe, and more.

A wide array of subject matters are covered in Ronnie’s pieces, from graffiti in Los Angeles to a young girl dressed as a ballerina. He also now has expanded upon his talents, not only continuing his photography career but now taking up painting as well. Bold colors are often used in these acrylic paintings, as well as an occasional snippet of his famous photography.

Phillips aims for his work to provide a moving experience for the viewer. “I aspire to assist others to deepen their process of self-reflection through my work.” His pieces have certainly made an impression on many, and we encourage you to come explore the award winning Ronnie Phillip’s mixed media pieces at the 2016 Historic Art Fair.

We cannot wait to have you at the fair this year, Ronnie!



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