The Historic Shaw Art Fair is pleased to announce that on Saturday, October 1st, local St. Louis band The High Dives will be taking the stage from 10:45-11:45. The High Dives is an Americana style band comprised of experienced musicians, all of which have performed throughout the St. Louis area for the last 30 years. Each member has played with many a musical group throughout their lives, and now have come together to create a band that knows their way around how to groove and put on a show.

The band members include Kipp Loui, JJ Loui, Spencer Marquart, Richard Tralles, and Mark Chechhiik. This quintet knows how to merge each of their sounds and styles together to present a cohesive and rocking sound, primarily emphasizing the areas of country and blues-based rock and pop.

Don’t miss The High Dives, easing us into the first day of the Shaw Art fair with their Americana jams. We cannot wait to have you rock out with us!



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