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Giving back to the community has, is, and always will be a major priority for the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association. Each year, a large sum of money collected from the ticket sales for the Shaw Art Fair is used to support service organizations within the neighborhood. These are known as Shaw’s Helping Hands Grants. These grants are awarded to local non-profits, helping them to further their mission and create positive outcomes for community members.

The association is proud to announce the 2017 award recipients for the Helping Hands Grants!

Shaw Neighborhood Youth Family Leadership has been awarded a grant to go towards their “Exploring our Civic Responsibilities” project. This program provides teenagers with opportunities to learn about the actions and responsibilities it takes  to become an active, responsible member of society.

Another of the Helping Hands Grants has been awarded to Sustainable in St. Louis for their Thrive Garden project. Thrive Garden is a beautiful sanctuary within Shaw containing a variety of native flowers and trees for residents to enjoy. This area serves as a meditation zone, right within the boundaries of Shaw!

Mental Health America is another local non-profit that received a grant for the 2017 year. This grant is going towards their “Bringing Mental Wellness to Shaw Residents” project. Through this program, Mental Health America will host three seminars for residents covering topics such as mindfulness, stress, and resilience.

These are just a few of the many organizations that the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association was able to award grants. The additional recipients are as follows:

  • Isaiah 58 Ministries- Soul Sisters Women’s Empowerment Program and Read to Succeed
  • Shaw Community Center Computer Program
  • City Garden Montessori- ColorBrave Community Events
  • Cornerstone Center for Early Learning- Diapering Program at Cornerstone
  • SLU Micah Program- Program Name: Halloween Party for Shaw

Giving back to the community is a crucial element to the association’s mission, and supporting local organizations has largely positive results for the area. Congratulations to all of the 2017 Helping Hands Grants recipients!


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