Every year, the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association works tirelessly to ensure the success of the Shaw Art Fair. The Shaw neighborhood hosts approximately 135 professional, award-winning artists at this event, as well as local music groups and food vendors. How has Shaw managed to bring this large event to fruition for 25 years in a row? Well- there is a simple answer to that. The Historic Shaw Art Fair would not be possible without the contributions from its sponsors!

The 25th annual Historic Shaw Art Fair many wonderful sponsors that contribute in various ways to the fair. One sponsor that has helped to make the fair possible time and time again is SSM Health- St. Louis University Hospital. One of the five core values of SSM Health is “community.” They certainly do not shy away from holding true to this value. SSM supports the community of St. Louis through their generous assistance and devotion to the annual Shaw Art Fair. In addition to donating to the fair, SSM provides a first aid station for the event. Through their help, the Shaw and St. Louis communities continue to grow and flourish.

Another sponsor of the 2017 is none other than Kaldi’s Coffee. The coffeehouse offers donations of pastries and coffee, and provides hospitality for visiting artists from out of state. A few of Kaldi’s values are continual improvement, respect, and of course- fun! These ideals align perfectly with that of the Shaw Art Fair. Together, Kaldi’s and the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association succeed in producing an enjoyable time for the whole community.

The 2017 Historic Shaw Art Fair is now just a couple of months away. The fair has been taking place every year for 25 years now- made possible by its sponsors! The generous institutions within St. Louis make sure that the fair you have grown to look forward to and love will always return.


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