Every year, the Historic Shaw Art Fair welcomes 135 talented, award-winning artists to the grounds. Though the fair could not be more proud of this overwhelming artistic talent, the art fair is not ONLY for visual artists! Multiple gifted music groups perform at the fair as well, adding to the atmosphere and providing authentic entertainment.

One band that the fair is extremely excited to have performing this year is none other than Bach to the Future! This unstoppable four-piece plays the classics such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach- but not how you would think. This band puts a jazzy new twist on the greatest classic music of all time. Using African and Latin rhythms, as well as modern jazz, Bach to the Future brings these pieces to new life.  This band provides a unique experience that you could not find else wear.

Michael Silverman, the most downloaded pianist in the world, plays piano and keyboard for the group. Rob Silverman, brother of Michael, is on the drums and Zendrum. Together, Michael and Rob founded the online record label Autumn Hill Records. The talented Matt Bollinger is on bass for the group, and Andrew Driscoll rocks the electric violin. These four men have gathered much hype over the years, and rightfully so, for their successful, toe-tapping group, Bach to the Future.

To get a quick sneak preview of the group’s music, click here.

The Historic Shaw Art Fair is pleased to welcome this group to the stage at 1:00pm on Sunday, October 8th. Make sure to be at the fair for Bach to the Future; you will not want to miss it!

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