Are you interested in tackling the hard topics facing our community and the world today? Want to get to know some neighbors and hear diverse perspectives? Here’s what your Shaw neighbors are organizing:

SNIA’s Community Conversations
Sunday, March 15   4-6pm
The Word at Shaw – 4265 Shaw Blvd

We are continuing our Shaw Conversations in 2015. Join us for the first of what we envision as many opportunities for residents to connect on issues relevant for our community. This next event is discussing police interactions with facilitators and an open mic format. Participants will have an allotted amount of time to discuss their specific experiences with police without interruption. Afterwards, and if time allows, there will be smaller group discussions related to those experiences.

Tricky Topics Tuesdays
Tuesday mornings at 9am
Restituo – 4100 Shenandoah

Honest, open, respectful and fun, neighbors getting together to discuss racial issues in Shaw. All are welcome, about 8 people meeting regularly as of now.

Shaw Social Justice
Group on NextDoor organizing discussion groups based on suggested reading of articles or books.

And if this type of activity is not your thing, that’s okay too! Feel free to join in the Shaw & Tell events, Shaw Socials, Sunday Brunch Club or plenty of other groups on NextDoor to connect with folks near you.

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