Shaw Bucket List Update

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

I wrote this bucket list last July and here’s the update! Italicized items were achieved, bolded items have yet to happen. Who wants to make these dreams a reality with me, particularly #18 or #29? Find me on NextDoor, let’s hang out! 1. Enjoy being able to get to Tower Grove Park without a car. 2. Check out the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market. Read More

Reflections on the Year in Shaw

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

It’s a wonderful and exciting time in the Shaw Neighborhood! We’re about to embark on our 21st Historic Shaw Art Fair filled with excellent art, food, entertainment & fun… The Shaw Neighborhood began the year by joining with Botanical Heights, Tiffany, Forest Park Southeast and Southwest Garden in a collaborative response to the Kresge Arts Initiative. While not being awarded a grant, the joint effort strengthened our relations with the… Read More

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

By Laura Kinsell-Baer | 3 Comments

For kind of the first time in my life, I have neighbors. And I like it. And sometimes, I can’t stop thinking about it. No, I didn’t grow up on a farm. But I did grow up slightly outside of town (Champaign, IL). And then I went to college, and had short-term temporary neighbors. And then I moved to St. Louis and lived in two different neighborhoods before Shaw. I loved them both, but knowing… Read More