It’s a wonderful and exciting time in the Shaw Neighborhood! We’re about to embark on our 21st Historic Shaw Art Fair filled with excellent art, food, entertainment & fun…

The Shaw Neighborhood began the year by joining with Botanical Heights, Tiffany, Forest Park Southeast and Southwest Garden in a collaborative response to the Kresge Arts Initiative. While not being awarded a grant, the joint effort strengthened our relations with the neighboring communities in the “Garden District.”

Our Healthy Corner Store Project with what was Regal III food store is now completed with both interior and exterior makeovers and a new name: Shaw Market. And we continue to engage our newer residents and friends at the monthly Young Professionals gatherings.

Restoration of the Thurman Underpass for pedestrian and bicycle use progresses. SNIA has endorsed the new plans and is working with the Garden District Commission and Botanical Heights on its transformation. Due to the work of two officers of SNIA, the project has been awarded a City of St. Louis Sustainability Grant and a Brightside Grant to create a Thurman Gateway Park bordering and through the underpass.

In recognition of SNIA’s help for those less fortunate, reflected in our food drives and Shaw Helping Hands Grants, Isaiah 58 Ministries presented SNIA with its 2013 Joined in Ministry (J.I.M.) Award.

While regretting the closure of Sherman Elementary School, the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association is working with the Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation and the St. Louis City School District in finding a suitable developer/use for the building and we’re experiencing a growing relationship with Mullanphy School in the neighborhood.

Much is happening with the involvement and support of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association:

Shaw Blvd. Improvement Project: working with SNHC to promote improved lighting and streetscape along Shaw Blvd;

• Surveillance Cameras: exploring the placement of cameras within the neighborhood;

• Russell Ave. Bikeway: working with Trailnet to establish a bike path along Russell Ave. from S. Grand Blvd. to Tower Grove Ave;

• Shaw Walking Tours: designing/developing walking tours within the neighborhood;

• SNIA Branding & logo: designing/developing new images for SNIA’s websites and communications; and

Shaw Dog Park: exploring lighting for the park.

Thanks to Alderman Conway for his collaboration on several of these initiatives and to you, Shaw residents, for your confidence and support…

Lawrence Johnson
SNIA President
September 30, 2013

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