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By Emma Klues | 4 Comments

Have you heard of our Shaw & Tell series? With 6,800 residents in Shaw, we know there is a wealth of knowledge, skills, and diverse experiences within our neighborhood. In September 2014, we started organizing free or low-cost events where Shaw residents demo a skill or share an experience. We hope this is an opportunity where you can learn something new while connecting with neighbors.

We had a great group of volunteers to get us started: Emma Klues (Experiencing Laughter Yoga), Stephanie Herbers (Getting Started with Crochet), Emily Cohen-Shikora (One Hour in the Human Mind), and Josh Brown (Perfecting the Manhattan). We’ve also learned about long-term care insurance and becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. 

Here’s what people are saying who’ve attended so far:

  • “A fun, convenient way to meet my neighbors and learn a new skill!”
  • “It was a great way to spend an evening, and I got to meet new neighbors… even better.”
  • “I had no idea how fascinating my neighbor’s work was. What a creative way to learn something new while meeting your neighbors.”
Join us in March for a chance to learn about and then try one of the wonderful buses that runs right through Shaw! We’ll take a quick trip to a coffee shop and come back. Bring $3 for the bus ride or just come learn for free.
  • Try Out Transit: Saturday, March 21st at 9:30am – SNIA office 4103 Shenandoah
We are working on new Shaw and Tells on healthy cooking on a budget, getting your bike ready for spring, jewelry making, using native plants and several more. All Shaw & Tell events will be posted on our website, Facebook, NextDoor, and in neighborhood newsletters. If you would like flyers to share on your block, let us know.

Have a list of topics you would like to see? Interested in sharing? Send us a message at ShawandTell via gmail.


We hope to see you soon!


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Lisa Berman says

My daughter, Holly, and I are on the USA Sport Stacking Team. We live at 3901 Cleveland, so are Shaw residents. We would be happy to Shaw and Tell some time. Go to and to learn more.

Stephanie H says

Lisa, That sounds like fun! Message us at the ShawandTell email address listed above and we can figure out a good time.

Bridgett Antolick says

Hi, my husband and I live in the Shaw neighborhood. I'm a licensed massage therapist (I've been practicing for over 7 years) and he's a relationship coach/conciliator. We would love to share together sometime about what we do!

Emma Klues says

Bridgett, that's awesome! Please send us a note at "ShawandTell" at gmail dot com and we'll get it scheduled.

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