The second blog post of the Community Outreach Committee from our own awesome Emma Klues…


Hey folks! I’m back. It’s now been 4 months and I am loving Shaw just as much as ever. I’m still getting to know the neighborhood and I would like your help in the process. Here’s the start of my personal Shaw neighborhood bucket list. A few of them I just wrote for fun, but I am very eager to hear YOUR additions; I know I have a lot to learn! Leave a comment and let’s build (and then conquer) this list together.
1. Enjoy being able to get to Tower Grove Park without a car.
3. Sell or buy something at Olive Branch Exchange.
4. Spend a little time picking up trash in your alley.
5. Support a local business with a word of encouragement or a review.
6. Eat a full meal on the patio of Thurman Grill & Provisions.
7. Marvel at how spacious & cool the bathroom is at Sasha’s on Shaw.
8. Contribute to ShawTalk.
9. Attend a neighborhood meeting or event.
10. Take a walk.
11. Appreciate how good some people are at landscaping.
12. Dream of the day that you will be good at landscaping.
13. Represent with a Shaw Nuff or Tower Grove tshirt or sticker from STL-Style.
14. Eat a cupcake from SweetArt.
15. Realize how good their food looks and resist the urge to get a cupcake.
16. Start going there with the admitted intention of eating a delicious and nutritious meal AND a cupcake.
17. Get a haircut in this neighborhood (we have multiple options!)
18. See the inside of all of the churches here.
19. Spend at least 5 minutes at Dorothy Park being totally still and silent. (Shenandoah and Thurman)
20. Go down a slide at Juanita Park (40XX Shenandoah).
21. Volunteer at, contribute to, buy from or just visit the annual plant swap and sale.
22. Make all your friends jealous by biking/walking to the Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
23. Buy all new bedroom furniture on a whim from MOBOT’s Little Shop Around the Corner‘s annual clearance sale.
24. Interact with the Shaw Art Fair in some way, shape or form.
25. Enjoy the home cookin’ of Mama Josephine’s.
26. Patronize both Regal Food (Shaw & Klemm) and Salamah’s (Shaw & 39th).
27. This is a tad outside of Shaw but it’s worth it; eat the best blueberry muffin of your life from Fresh Gatherings, the cafe run by nutrition students at SLU. 
28. Get stuck on a dog walk without a bag to pick up you-know-what and thank Shaw for having a dogpark stashed with extras that you can use (and replenish later).
29. Walk every square inch of the streets of this neighborhood.
30. Read the neighborhood blog.
32. Lend something to or borrow something from a neighbor!


  1. Emma Klues (@emmao257) July 8, 2012 at 12:51 pm - Reply

    Forgot to mention that the italicized items are ones that I have done already :)

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