This afternoon, the South Grand Community Improvement District (CID) announced the Grand Opening of the new parking lot, 10AM Thursday March 24th, at 3500 Hartford, just off South Grand.

According to a statement from the Rachel Witt, the CID’s Executive Director, South Grand will be one of the few business districts in the city of St. Louis to provide free public parking.  The lot will have 95 parking spaces, ample lighting and fencing. It also doubles as a multi-use lot, with services built into the lot for the possibility of events.
“We are very excited to finally open this lot,” Witt said in her statement.  “It will be a great addition to our ongoing Great Streets Project.”
Shaw residents are lucky enough to live in close proximity to this thriving district.  For many of us, that proximity was part of the draw in moving here.  The additional streetscape and parking improvements – with the additional possibility of using the lot as an event space – will make South Grand an even more attractive place for future business owners and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.

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