One of the goals of SNIA’s new Outreach Committee is to increase the number of voices you hear from, regarding our organization’s initiatives. That has always been our intention with the blog, but putting that into practice was challenging.

I’m pleased to announce that Outreach is implementing a Guest Post initiative, which will incorporate a variety of guest voices: people with a stake in the neighborhood, who may or may not have official ties to the organization. I think this is a small and necessary way to give more of us a stake in how we continue to shape our neighborhood. Kudos to the committee members who suggested this, and to Laura Kinsell-Baer – committee chairwoman, past officer and this blog’s newest administrator – for making it happen.

Outreach is one of seven active committees, this year. And, each of us are working on some great things, big and small. If you’re wondering how you can be an active part of Shaw’s continuing health and growth, I can assure you we have a place for every talent, skill and passion.

E-mail me at eric at shawstlouis dot org, if you want to know more.

Eric Vineyard
Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association

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