Recently, David Lott, Tower Grove East President, and Harold Blackorby, Compton Heights President, met with Alan Renner, the QuickTrip representative assigned to the project.  They explained the neighborhood’s concerns with the proposed QuickTrip & Received this reply after their meeting:

From David Lott’s posting on the TGENA listserve:

Thanks for meeting with me to discuss the QT. I appreciate the frank discussion and the associations thoughts on the location.
It has been determined that QT will not pursue this location. We will however try to secure a location along Grand as we feel this is a excellent area for a QT and that the residents in the area deserve a top quality convenience store in the area.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Alan Renner

QuikTrip Corporation

Also from David Lott’s TGNE post:

Please note that QuikTrip is still actively pursuing a property on Grand, however, we all agreed a location between 1-44 and 1-64 would be more appropriate.

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