When asked how she first peaked an interest in art, Olive Kraus laughed and replied, “I was born!” Olive comes from an artistic background, starting with her parents who first met in art school in the 60’s. Needless to say, Olive was immersed into an innately artistic environment from the beginning; so it is easy to see the origins of Olive’s abilities and passion to create.

Rather than sticking to one medium, Olive continuously experiments with a wide variety of techniques. From jewelry, to watercolor, to knitting and crocheting, to fiber sculpture, Olive is never hesitant to try out something new. The artist shared that she always has a variety of ideas pop into her head, all of which she becomes eager to bring to fruition. “I sort of listen to my own voice,” expressed Olive.  “I think that many artists are naturally self-influenced and inspired.”

The current project that Olive devotes much of her time to is the rehabilitation of an old schoolhouse in St. Genevive, Missouri. Once it is complete, the front of the schoolhouse will consist of an art shop, behind the shop will be her studio, and her living space in the back. Containing Olive’s work and the work of a few other contemporary artists, this shop to be called “Modern Primitive,” is coming soon!

Olive has participated in art fairs all over the country, but the unique atmosphere of the Historic Shaw Art Fair keeps her coming back to St. Louis. “This fair is one of my favorites because the neighborhood is so beautiful and relaxing,” shared Olive. “For an artist it really is an ideal fair because its low stress and casual. The crew and volunteers treat the artists very well. Some fairs can be stressful for artists- but the Shaw Art Fair is not.”

Because of the wide variety of mediums that Olive utilizes, it will be a surprise as to which pieces she will choose to bring to Shaw this year. We are excited to have you back again this year, Olive, and we will see you at the fair!

Olive’s Schoolhouse: Modern Primitive

Mixed Media Artwork by Olive

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