Featured Artist: Kay Rice

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For the last 40 years, Kay Rice has identified herself as a fiber artist. Fiber art includes the use of both natural and synthetic fibers, as well as other materials such as felt, yarn, fabric, and more. She credits the use of her chosen medium partly to her family’s influence, revealing that all of the women in her family have practiced fiber art in one form or another. She has experimented with other art forms as well, but considers herself “hooked” on her chosen medium. Her passion for art is apparent in her work, as well as her words. She shared “I can’t imagine life without art or creating it. It is as essential as breathing. It feeds my soul.”

Kay hopes that others find inspiration from her art as well. Because her work is wearable in the form of clothing, it offers those that partake a sense of individuality. “People that acquire my pieces refuse to be ordinary!” expressed Kay. The fiber art that she produces offer an opportunity for the wearers to truly express themselves.

The fiber artist is a Chicago native currently living in St. Louis, although she has considered many states and countries her home at one time or another. She has participated in the Historic Shaw Art Fair for three years thus far, and considers it to be her favorite fair of all in which she has displayed her work. “It is an incredible venue in a very special and beautiful neighborhood,” Kay feels. It is also now the only art fair in which she continues to participate.

Kay Rice looks forward to seeing everyone this fall at the Historic Shaw Art Fair, and we look forward to welcoming her back for a fourth year!

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Fiber Artwork by Rice

             Fiber Artwork by Rice

Kay Rice

                      Kay Rice



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