2017 Small Business Saturday

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We have a great variety of businesses in Shaw and the surrounding Tower Grove area to serve as resources for your everyday and holiday shopping and meals. For Small Business Saturday several businesses are offering specials and hosting pop-up shops, including a peek at the new Wild Carrot event and community space.  Participating businesses include: Fiddlehead Fern Café, Bonboni Home & Gift Co., Cathy Gregory Studio Gallery, City Farm STL LLC, Drawings… Read More

Featured Band: Keokuk

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Local rock band Keokuk is bound to be a crowd favorite at the fair next weekend. Their songs are groovy, high energy, and most importantly- originals. Lead singer and guitar player for the group, Curtis Hendricks, is not afraid to tell it like it really is in his lyrics. The songs of the group reflect on the journey of everyday life- both the good parts and the bad. This four piece features a mother… Read More

Featured Band: Bach to the Future

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Every year, the Historic Shaw Art Fair welcomes 135 talented, award-winning artists to the grounds. Though the fair could not be more proud of this overwhelming artistic talent, the art fair is not ONLY for visual artists! Multiple gifted music groups perform at the fair as well, adding to the atmosphere and providing authentic entertainment. One band that the fair is extremely excited to have performing this year is none other than Bach… Read More

Featured Artist: Bill Lemke

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The Historic Shaw Art Fair is extremely proud to announce that award-winning film photographer Bill Lemke will be in attendance again year. Bill has regularly participated in art fairs for over 40 years now, including the the Shaw Art Fair for the last 10. The artist shared, “I have always enjoyed the community feeling of this art fair; the neighborhood setting as well as the tremendous support from the local community.” Because Bill… Read More

Spotlight on Community

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Giving back to the community has, is, and always will be a major priority for the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association. Each year, a large sum of money collected from the ticket sales for the Shaw Art Fair is used to support service organizations within the neighborhood. These are known as Shaw’s Helping Hands Grants. These grants are awarded to local non-profits, helping them to further their mission and create positive outcomes for community members. Read More

Sponsor Spotlight: SSM and Kaldi’s

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Every year, the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association works tirelessly to ensure the success of the Shaw Art Fair. The Shaw neighborhood hosts approximately 135 professional, award-winning artists at this event, as well as local music groups and food vendors. How has Shaw managed to bring this large event to fruition for 25 years in a row? Well- there is a simple answer to that. The Historic Shaw Art Fair would not be possible… Read More

Featured Artist: Karen Gelbard

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Karen Gelbard, also known as The Oregon Weaver, not only has talent in the world of visual arts, but in the music realm as well. Karen played the violin throughout her elementary and high school years. Her school had a strong music program with talented teachers that greatly helped to cultivate Karen’s skills. “One lesson I learned was that it is not just about playing the notes. Technique and skill are required to… Read More

Featured Artist: Kaeko Maehata

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Kaeko Maehata has had a strong artistic instinct since she was a child. She started out drawing and creating with her hands, and continued to develop professionally as an artist at Kanazawa Art College in her native country of Japan. The artist has experience painting, sculpting, sawing, weaving, beading, and much, much more. There is one art form, however, keeps Kaeko continuously captivated- glass. Kaeko has called herself a glass artist since 1992. “Glass… Read More

Featured Artist: Salem Barker

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“There is an inherent beauty in nature. Someone has gone far out of their way to make things attractive- the creator of the universe. When we try to channel that creativity, it opens up a lot of doors.” The inspiration of artist Salem Barker comes from the world around him. Experiencing the intricacies and splendor of nature allows Salem to create pieces that demand attention at each and every one of the 14 to… Read More

Featured Artist: Olive Kraus

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When asked how she first peaked an interest in art, Olive Kraus laughed and replied, “I was born!” Olive comes from an artistic background, starting with her parents who first met in art school in the 60’s. Needless to say, Olive was immersed into an innately artistic environment from the beginning; so it is easy to see the origins of Olive’s abilities and passion to create. Rather than sticking to one medium, Olive continuously… Read More