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Deals & Discounts
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Deals & Discounts program details

Example Deals & Discounts

Depending on your business, promotions could be something like:

  • One free appetizer (tracked by the business)
  • Free estimate
  • Buy two meals (items) and get 3rd ½ off or Free
  • Free drinks (type of drink) with your meal over $5.00
  • 10% off – meal, service
  • 15% off – meal, service

These could be one time (tracked by business) or every time depending on your business. If exclusions will apply, please describe them in the explanation of your deal or discount.

How it works


  • The member will inform you that they are a SNIA member.
  • Deal or Discount is given to the member only.



  • The business will select the type of deal or discount they want to offer and provide this information to SNIA.
  • The business will sign the Deals & Discounts agreement listing their deal or discount choice.
  • SNIA will provide a small sign to be displayed at the business at the business’ discretion.
  • Your business name, link, logo and promotion will be showcased on our website and our steady and growing social media profiles.

See FAQs and Terms & Conditions on the page for SNIA members »

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