2019 Helping Hands Grant Proposals

2019 Helping Hands Grant Proposals

Attention Shaw Community:

One of the main programs SNIA funds is the Helping Hands Grants. The Helping Hands Grants further SNIA’s mission of “Improving and maintaining the quality of life of all Shaw residents.” The Helping Hands Grants are aimed at assisting organizations who share this vision and are actively working to make it a reality. The funding priorities for the Helping Hands Grants include:

  • Youth education and early childhood development
  • Community health and wellness
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Neighborhood beautification

Previously the grant applications were reviewed by the SNIA Executive Committee and then voted upon by the full SNIA Board of Directors. This year, the Executive Committee decided to give all of the residents an opportunity to review the grant applications and provide feedback on the grants. The feedback from YOU will be used as part of the review process. We want to know what you think about each of these applications (use links below to see each full application). What do you like about them? What don’t you like about them? Will the grant further the SNIA mission? We welcome all constructive comments.

Please submit your comments to the SNIA office at snia@shawstlouis.org by Thursday, May 16.

City Garden Montessori 

Cornerstone Center for Early Learning

Green House Venture

Hidden Alley Ranch Community Garden
Hidden Alley Ranch Budget

Isaiah 58 Ministries

Micah Program

Shaw Neighborhood Youth & Family Leadership Program





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