South Grand Blvd Median Fundraiser

Have you seen the state of the Grand Blvd medians lately? The Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA) has received a request to help cover the costs of “cleaning up” the medians. The efforts to create a South Grand CID have been unsuccessful and so there is not currently a funding source for maintenance of the medians. This is one of the main entrances to our neighborhood, and it really does look bad. SNIA will match all donations up to $500, so please consider donating. SNIA will work with the surrounding neighborhoods to take a look at long-term plans for the medians, but in the meantime we need to at least get rid of the weeds!

You can donate with the link below, or send a check to the SNIA office, 2211 S 39th Street. Please make the check to SNIA with “Grand Median Fund” in the memo. Thanks for your help in beautifying such an important entrance to Shaw!

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