Shaw Conversations

Listen. Share. Discuss. Acknowledge. Build.

Shaw Conversations Mission:

The mission of Shaw Conversations is to provide frequent and ongoing opportunities for open and honest conversations among ALL Shaw Neighborhood residents regarding issues of social inequality. Shaw Conversations employs a professional, independent facilitator to help neighbors discuss these sensitive issues in an open, safe, and respectful forum.   

Note: Shaw Conversations is on a brief hiatus. We will update this page soon with new opportunities to engage in this forum. 

Please come to share and reflect with your friends and neighbors as we explore diversity in Shaw. We will be exploring the topic of diversity in a safe and respectful environment as we work through the following:

  • How do we define diversity?
  • How do we accomplish diversity in our neighborhood and city?
  • Is diversity valuable?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks to diversity?
  • What constitutes “enough” diversity?

What are Shaw Conversations?

Shaw Conversations is a forum designed to allow the diversity of residents to engage in civil discourse to discuss sensitive issues impacting our community, especially issues of social justice. Shaw Conversations provides an opportunity for you to come LISTEN about issues impacting our neighbors, SHARE your perspectives on issues impacting you, DISCUSS how these issues impact us as a community, ACKNOWLEDGE that we all have something to bring to the table and BUILD a better and safe community for our families.

How does Shaw Conversations work?

Shaw Conversations is open to all residents and neighbors of the Shaw Neighborhood and to those living around the Shaw Neighborhood. The meeting focuses on one individual topic each month facilitated by a professional, independent facilitator. The meeting is an opportunity for you, and your fellow neighbors, to discuss these sensitive issues in an open, safe and respectful forum.

Tips and Tools for Constructive Conflict Resolution

Listen with a genuine intent to understand what is at the heart of the message and what beliefs or values you hear in it.

Find something with which you agree or can find common ground and say so. Allow the other person some moral ground to stand on.

Make a response to the question/statement asserting your belief. Don’t dodge the issue or talk around it.

Provide additional information related to the content of the other person’s thoughts, or raise a critical question to further explore the topic, with the aim of furthering dialogue (not necessarily changing the other person’s mind).

What is the goal of Shaw Conversations?

Shaw Conversations is designed to allow residents to learn from each other, accept each other, and better understand (and even celebrate) our unique experiences. Shaw Conversations ARE NOT designed to develop a specific action from these discussions, but to lay the foundation of understanding requisite to building a better, safer community.

How are topics chosen?

The Shaw Conversations planning committee meets monthly to review issues impacting our community and identify those most relevant to the community. These issues are taken from neighborhood forums, issues from the media, and most importantly from YOU! Yes, you have a say in what is discussed. If there is a particular issue that you would like to see addressed, please contact the planning committee at We also welcome anyone who would like to be involved in planning the topics to contact us join the committee, which includes Byron Keelin, Kevin Chestnut, Tiffany Robertson, Dorothy Rohde-Collins, Rosemary Burr and Chip Meyer.

Shaw Conversations is only successful in building a better community if YOU get involved. See you there!

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